Active Toung Loong + Run for Disability – Toung Loong Textile MFG. Donated and Teamed up for the Charity Event “2015 Polio Run”

About 50 Toung Loong’s employees teamed up for “2015 Polio Run”, the charity event for “International Day of Persons with Disabilities” held by Changhua County, Taiwan

Joyce-Agape Association is 11 years old with the effort of the founder Mr. Chung-Cheng Chen.  In 2008, Agape Shelter Workshop became the first shelter workshop in Changhua. It created job opportunities for disabled people by providing printing service. Joyce-Agape Association moved to Fangyuan Industrial Park in Changhua County in 2006 and became a neighbor of the Changhua plant of Toung Loong Textile. Several years ago, Toung Loong knew Chairman Mr. Chen who was infected by poliovirus and became paralysis in his legs. Toung Loong Textile MFG. supports community and disadvantaged.  It was moved by Mr. Chen’s determination to help disabled people and donated to Agape Shelter Workshop for years.

December 13th, 2015, the charity running event “2015 Polio Run” was held by Joyce-Agape Association for “International Day of Persons with Disabilities”. This event was joined by “2015 The Public Benefit Lottery Marketing Festival” held by Changhua County Government. Ming-ku Wei, the incumbent Magistrate of Changhua County, and Chairman of Joyce-Agape Association both participated this event. According to Yam News:” About 2,400 public and disabled people joined the charity running event, 441 of them has a disability including 11 major disabled groups in Taiwan. Friends with the disability come from different places in Taiwan. The host designs barrier-free environment and encourages disabled people to be brave and Just Move Forward. They wish the disabled people can overcome the challenge of the physical body and make their dream of road running come true. “

The Toung Loong Changhua plant is located in Fangyuan Industrial Park where the running event took place.  Active Toung Loong program was activated again. Toung Loong gathered employees in Taipei, Taoyuan and Changhua to team up for this charity running event held by our neighbor. Nearly 50 Toung Loong’s employees and their families registered for the event. Toung Loong team members ran with the group and stood out by wearing the pink functional T-shirt made by Toung Loong SpringFil yarn which is flexible and super breathable. They ran with the disabled people pass the factories and farms near the industrial park and completed the charity game while enjoyed the local scenery. The goal of teaming up for this event is not only to support the vision of Joyce-Agape Association to build Polio Home, but also a way to show our love for the community by exploring our land with our feet. After the event, employees shared their thoughts with each other and uploaded pictures on the internet. It’s another treasured moment to stock in the memory of Toung Loong Textile MFG.


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